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Why Monitored 247’s Monitored Alarms?

When an alarm system is tripped you’re notified of the alert but then what? Responding to the alert yourself may present a dangerous situation and reporting the event to the police for further onsite inspection may subject you to a fine for a false alarm call out. Monitored 247’s ‘ Alarm Monitoring Perth ‘ package provides an accessible and professional security team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are notified by your alarm system whenever a security alarm or fire alarm system is activated and we will instantly try to determine the cause. We will help you try determine if the alarm trip is valid and a police or emergency response is required or if its just a false alarm.


Monitored Alarms Integration

Monitored 247’s latest security systems seamlessly integrate with most other devices to provide a complete and secure solution for your property, home and business. We have more than 20 years’ experience installing complete monitored alarm systems and we have a specialized expertise with commercial and business installations. Many of our security systems are installed throughout banks, schools, hospitals and business premises throughout Perth Australia as well as in private homes. We use the most advanced alarm signaling system to connect your security alarm systems to our central monitoring stations. Our alarm signaling system is well-established and already works with hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses throughout Perth Australia and our system has the capability to use mobile and wireless networks backed up by landline or phone signals. It’s a system that is future proofed against changes to the telephone network and can adapt to your changing needs.


False Monitored Alarm Trip

If your alarm system allows, we can reset your alarm system from our central monitoring station if there was a false alert to re-secure your property and reduce the disturbance to your neighbors.


Residential & Business Monitored Alarms

We provide alarm monitoring for residential premises and businesses of any size, we offer you peace of mind knowing Monitored 247 is watching over your property.

Aside from Alarm Monitoring, Perth’s Monitored 247 also offer guard and patrol services, preventative CCTV and surveillance maintenance and repairs services.

For further enquiries please contact us online or call us on 1300 914 247.

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We provide access control systems to residential, business, corporate and government clients across perth.

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