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Alarms are a vital part of overall security systems. Security Systems Perth are efficient at detecting intruders and their presence dramatically reduces break in attempts and security breaches. Intruders are deterred by the presence of alarm sensors as there’s the potential for the alarm to be monitored by a security company or police.

All security systems work on the same basic principle of securing entry and exit points, like doors and windows, as well as interior space containing valuables like art, computers, guns, and collectibles. Regardless of the size of your home or business, or the number of doors and windows or interior rooms you decide to protect, the only real difference is in the number of security components deployed throughout the home and monitored by the control panel.

The most basic definition of security systems is found in its name. It is literally a means or method by which something is secured through a system of inter-working components and devices. In this instance, we’re talking about home and business security systems Perth, which are networks of integrated electronic devices working together with a central control panel to protect against burglars and other intruders.

Monitored 247’s latest security systems Perth seamlessly integrate with most other devices to provide a complete and secure solution for your premises, home or business. We have more than 20 years’ experience installing complete security systems and we have a particular expertise with commercial and business installations. All of our security systems are installed and maintained in banks, schools, hospitals and business premises throughout Perth Australia as well as in private homes.

Latest Security Systems Perth

All our security systems are installed to the latest Australian Surveillance standards and are approved to the exact standards of all leading insurance companies. We use the latest alarm sensor technology to design the most cost effective and security system for you.

Common Security System Features

• A control panel, which is usually the primary controller of a security alarm system
• Door and window sensors, detecting forced open or smashed windows
• Motion sensors, both interior and exterior
• Wired or wireless security sensors
• A high-decibel siren or alarm
• GPRS monitoring
• proximity token or key-card control system
• wireless and radio-based transmission systems

GPRS Monitoring or Mobile Monitoring

GPRS security alarms often called mobile or 3g security alarms transmit alarm signals over the mobile data network, using 2G or 3G technology. If you are intending on securing a premises of great importance it’s important to consider two methods of transmission for the alarm system to communicate back to the monitoring company, this way if a phone line is cut the mobile feature of the alarm system takes over in a fail-over scenario.

Wireless and radio-based systems

If you intend on installing a security alarm system where running cables is difficult or if you are worried you may damage the premises or do not want unsightly cables, wireless internet or radio-based security systems can be installed. They are practical, reliable and space-saving solutions and are often cheaper to implement as there is a reduction in labour required to run the cabling.

Proximity Token or Key-less Card

Security Alarm Systems can be configured to work with numeric keypads, proximity tokens (RFID) or bio-metric scanners commonly used with access control systems. It makes access and disabling alarms much easier for those who need regular access. It also means that the main alarm system can remain partially active while selected individuals are granted access to specific locations in the premises.

How to minimise false alarms?

The latest intruder alarms are very sensitive and need to be installed to the highest standards. The accuracy of installation will reduce false alarm rates and less false alarms equal fewer needless call-outs for us. This of course means less needless charges for you. Monitored 247’s security alarm systems have a great track record for minimising false alarms and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to further improve this record.

Central monitoring stations

We use the most advanced alarm signalling system to connect your security alarm systems to our central monitoring stations. Our alarm signalling system is well-established and already works with hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses throughout Perth Australia. Our system has the capability to use mobile and wireless networks backed up by landline or phone signals. It’s a system that is future proofed against changes to the telephone network and can adapt to your changing needs.

Door Access Control Perth - Biometric Scanner
RFID Door Access Control Perth

Security System Example Products


Multi-GSM platform compability —2G, 3G and 4G : Automatic selection of the best available GSM network 4G capable using HSPA+ protocol
Full Contact ID or ADEMCO® High-Speed Reporting : Contact ID reporting using ECP mode with compatible Honeywell control panels or combined with optional dialer capture for non-ECP capable control panels.
256-bit AES Encryption : Advanced encryption standard used for secure communications.
Upload/Download : Available with select Honeywell control panels. Requires Compass version or higher.
Integration : Quick and easy installation of GSM for VISTA® and LYNX controls.
Dynamic Signaling with Certain Honeywell Control Panels : Provides management of control panel dialer and digital cellular communicator. Programmable priority and delays determine signal path.
Diagnostic LEDs : Provide signal strength and status indications.
QOS : Quality of Service diagnostics via AlarmNet supply vital information including when a message was received, battery voltage, input voltage, signal strength and message path.
Web-Based Programming : Allows complete interactive programming from AlarmNet Direct.
Intelligent Supervision : Any message generated serves as a supervision message per optional 24 hour or 30 day intervals. This feature effectively limits required messages to be sent.
Remote Services Capability* : Optional Honeywell Total ConnectTM Remote Services value-added web-based or SMS system control as well as e-mail notification of system events.
Two-way Voice Transport : GSM voice channel capable to allow two-way voice session in conjunction with an audio verification system.
Universal Control Panel Compatibility : Flexible modes of operation allow ECP alarm reporting by Honeywell control panels, 4204 relay mode for Honeywell controls (that do not support ECP alarm reporting) and zone triggering for use with other control panels.
Dialer Capture Ready : Compatible with Dialer Capture Intelligence Device DCID (for LYNX) or DCID-EXT (other control panels). Captures Contact ID messages from the panel’s phone line and sends them to the central station via the GSM radio (not agency approved).
Six Input Zones : Digital processing for improved detection and false alarm protection
Tamper Protected Enclosure : Built-in tamper sends a report when a tamper condition is detected and a restore when cleared.
Built-in Power Supply : Onboard charging circuit design accommodates back-up battery. Includes primary power and battery supervision.
Back-Up Battery : 6V 3.1Ah supplied to deliver up to 24 hours of standby operation.

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