Have you thought about a Monitored Home Security System?

CCTV, home alarm systems and intercoms are some of the most popular electronic security devices being installed in people’s homes to protect their property and valuables. When a security alarm is tripped in most cases, you’re notified of the alert, but then what? Responding to the alert may present a potentially dangerous situation and reporting the event to the police may subject you to a fine for a false alarm. With Monitored 247’s Security Alarm Monitoring our 24/7-accecible professional security team is notified whenever your burglar or fire alarm system is activated. We take on the role to determine the cause and whether emergency help is needed and, if not, to reset your alarms and make sure your property is secure. Robberies and Burglaries are an unfortunate ever-presence in Western Australia which is why getting your premises protected is essential. Australia has the second highest rate of breaking and entering a property in the world. However, with the right security measures in place, there is no need to worry. Monitored 247 notifies you and the proper authorities if there is an emergency situation, or evidence of crime. Our systems are installed by our highly specialized team of Licensed Security Advisors and Installers. We have the capability to monitor and service most pre-existing alarm systems, with our Grade A1 alarm monitoring centre using Australian Standards’ highest rating, built with redundant IT systems and other first-class features.